Trapped in a dimension…

Have you ever been stuck in a certain dimension? I believe that human beings will be trapped in a certain dimension at some point of our lives… Especially those who are more focused with what they do..

A person who is focused directs all his energy, strength and concentration into a particular activity. When one is so engrossed in the process or the activity itself, he becomes obsessed and addicted and probably in turn thinks he is literally in that world…that’s how strong our minds can be…

It can bring us to a dimension that probably no one can enter even though physically two persons can be in the same dimension…

When does this phenomenon usually occur? It can be as simple as when we are reading a novel, watching a show, playing a game, gambling, drinking alcoholic drinks, listening to music; when people are on drugs; when the person is feeling sad or simply deep in thoughts.

The familiarity of this phenomenon comes from daily experiences…

Recently, the game Pokemon Go launched in Singapore. Being a person who likes to go after whatever that is in trend, I downloaded the game as well. 

Till now, even though I am considered pretty addicted to the game, I cannot figure out what is so fun and addictive about it.

Is it the urge to collect all the pokemons? Or is it the excitement of trying to hunt for the pokemons in a virtual reality world that flushes with what we can see daily? Or probably for some, the desire to compete with others? 

Its through playing the game I realised the potential of our minds when we are focused in an activity… this led me to think about other activities (as listed above) that can bring me into another dimension – a dimension that all other sounds become just noise… a dimension that you only hear voices but no longer listen..

And why is it so that it is easier to be engrossed feeling sad than feeling happy? Is the society somehow sick as the thirst for pain and sadness is more addictive than the pursuit of happiness? 

Why is sadness easier to relate? I remember I have read somewhere in self development books before that people tend victimised themselves and wallow in self pity..and that is why people nowadays are more prone to depression… 

Or maybe I shouldn’t generalise too much. Maybe it is only me. Perhaps I am the only one feeling this way? But no, I am pretty positive that I am not the only one.. cos I have heard similar opinions….

Guess I still have a lot to explore in life.. perhaps Psychology or Human Behaviour is a field I am interested in reading and learning more…


Author: xinymous

i just love to write. so i just keep writing... i love the ocean, love the calms me down. waves come and go.. just like episodes/phases of life... water flows.. i close my eyes, imagine...and that's how my thoughts flow...

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