Life: A daily LIVE Movie…

When we see programs that we do not like to watch on TV,
we can just switch channels.

However, life is a daily LIVE broadcast.
Problems can’t be solved just by merely switching channels.

LIVE broadcasts allow no NGs and allow no replays…There are so many audiences in this ongoing show…
We can only pray the audiences missed the parts where you didn’t perform well..
Or that they will forget about the un-glam scenes..

We are required to react accordingly when things or hiccups happen.
and are expected to do it well…When you don’t do it well, people around you would give all sorts of comments and suggestions as though they have done so well in their own LIVE broadcasts…

Episodes after episodes just broadcast daily…
There is no time for us to replay any of the episodes..
We can only describe what happened before in post-sypnosis..

Sometimes I wonder who is the Director of my film..Is it really me?  But not everything is within my control….

Some people’s life are dramatic.
Everyday there are many happenings…
Some people just live their lives monotonously…

When i have the time and mood, I would love to write a post-sypnosis of certain chapters….cos those are the significant ones.. the rest of the days, i probably just lived it monotonously like a living robot..


Author: xinymous

i just love to write. so i just keep writing... i love the ocean, love the calms me down. waves come and go.. just like episodes/phases of life... water flows.. i close my eyes, imagine...and that's how my thoughts flow...

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