emo surge

Life is just a cycle where similar events just keep repeating.

At different stages of life, we meet different people.. most of them come and go.. especially when they proceed to a next stage in their lives…

We probably still remember one another, but are too busy with current events happening in life that we have less time or attention for our past.

We just keep living on.. even though from time to time I will look back again…and miss those people whom have been part of my life before… but how many will still stay in touch?

And when it has been too long, people just lose touch.. things are never the same anymore the next time we meet… we may not be as close as before anymore..

OK, enough of missing the past.. time to live on and work again..Just like the waves and tide, it’s just a surge, and now everything back to normal again…


Author: xinymous

i just love to write. so i just keep writing... i love the ocean, love the sea...it calms me down. waves come and go.. just like episodes/phases of life... water flows.. i close my eyes, imagine...and that's how my thoughts flow...

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