perhaps i should stop being a fool…

Sometimes it just hurts so much when you treat people sincerely and in the end what you get is just disappointment. Ironically when we say we don’t expect anything in return when we treat people well or sincerely, we actually do.. we expect that at least people would not do things to harm or hurt us…I mean, is that really that difficult?

Society killed the faith I have in people time and again… yet I have been trying hard to convince myself that there are still good, nice and sincere people around…

It’s such a fake world these days..people are so pragmatic…

Sometimes, it’s better not being able to see clearly… at least it doesn’t feel that painful…

Feeling so sick and nostalgic that history has to just keep repeating itself. But I just can’t bear to not believe again… Does that mean that I deserve it to keep getting hurt repeatedly?

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Author: xinymous

i just love to write. so i just keep writing... i love the ocean, love the calms me down. waves come and go.. just like episodes/phases of life... water flows.. i close my eyes, imagine...and that's how my thoughts flow...

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